Monday, May 4, 2009

L'insegnante viene a casa AKA Sexy Schoolteacher Comes Home NO SUB...


Released Year: 1979

All Genres: Comedy

Country: France, Italy

Rating: 7.9 (0)

Languages: Italian

Runtime: 90

Sound: Stereo

Director(s): Michele Massimo Tarantini

Writing by:

* Francesco Milizia writer
* Michele Massimo Tarantini writer
* Marino Onorati writer
* Jean Louis writer

Produced by:

* Luciano Martino - producer


* Jacques Stany - -
* Edwige Fenech - Luisa De Dominicis
* Lino Banfi - Amedeo
* Renzo Montagnani - Ferdinando Bonci Marinotti
* Alvaro Vitali - Ottavio
* Clara Colosimo - -
* Gianfranco Barra - dott. Buzzati
* Gisella Sofio - Teresa Buzzati
* Carlo Sposito - -
* Marco Gelardini - -
* Lucio Montanaro - Amico di Ottavio


* Franco Campanino

Plot: Billy is a boy who is trying to save a baby kangaroo called Joey when it is caught and taken to Sydney. Linda, the young daughter of the U.S. Ambassador is helping Billy in his task.

Luisa, moved from Milan to Lucca to stay close to the man who loves, the councilor Ferdinand, notice that you have not chosen the best moment: it is approaching the elections and the presence dell'amante can be harmful to the political career of Mayor candidate. Thus, while all deburred for her, Luisa choose who wants to be effective.

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