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Couples pour partouzes (1978) - Marilyn Jess


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Les cuissardes (1978)-Marilyn Jess

Director: Michel Lemoine as Michel Blanc

Alternate Titles:
Giochi d'amore alla Francese
[Teenage-Porno (?)]

Danièle Troger (Danièle Troeger)
Dominique Troyes (Marilyn Jess)
Geneviève Hue (Samantha)
Muriel Matter
Sabine Layer
Virginie Love
Viviane Déal

Gabriel Pontello
Hervé Amalou (André Miller)
John Lautard
Olivier Mathot (uses a body double for hardcore scene)



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Private School (1983) with english subtitles

Private School (1983) with english subtitles

* Genre: Comedy
* Movie Type: Sex Comedy, Teen Movie
* Themes: Sexual Awakening, Boarding School Life
* Director: Noel Black
* Main Cast: Phoebe Cates, Betsy Russell, Matthew Modine, Michael Zorek, Fran Ryan
* Release Year: 1983
* Country: US
* Run Time: 97 minutes
* MPAA Rating: R

Three of the hallmarks of education in America -- nudity, teenage sex, and big, destructive gags -- are on plentiful display in this teen comedy. Christine (Phoebe Cates), a student at an exclusive all-girls private school, is in love with Jim (Matthew Modine), who attends an academy for boys nearby. Christine's archrival Jordan (Betsy Russell) also has her eye on Jim, and she is willing to do whatever she can to steal him away. Jim's über-slob buddy Bubba (Michael Zorek) is going with Betsy (Kathleen Wilhoite), Christine's cynical friend, though he would probably be unfaithful if any other woman were willing to get near him. Bubba and his pals sneak into the girls' school dressed in drag in hopes of reaching the Promised Land (better known as the women's shower room), while Christine and Jim run away together for the weekend, though their escapade isn't as romantic as they had hoped. Among the adults observing the chaos are Ray Walston, Fran Ryan, Martin Mull, and Sylvia Kristel; one of the sexy students on display is future scream queen Brinke Stevens.

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Mr Bones 2: Back From The Past [2008|R5|LAP]

Mr Bones 2: Back From The Past [2008|R5|LAP]
Mr Bones 2: Back From The Past [2008|R5|LAP]
R5 | English | 1h 40min |699 MB | 624x352 | XVID - 814kbps | MP3 - 145kbps
Genre: Comedy

A sequel to the 2001's "Mr. Bones," which follows a white African witch doctor's visit to India.


Mr Bones 2: Back From The Past [2008|R5|LAP]

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The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human 1999


An anthropologist from an alien planet provides voice-over commentary for a documentary look at human courtship, mating, and reproduction: "complex, perverse, tragically beautiful: the earthbound human." The commentary gets some of the details comically wrong (explaining the slap on a newborn's back: "they don't like the looks of the child so they beat it"), but gets right the overall idea. We follow Billy and Jenny from their meeting at a club, initial misunderstandings, his losing her phone number, finally connecting, walks on the beach, soulful talks, meeting each other's parents, friends' advice, and the gradual taking of the relationship to new levels.







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Asterix at olympic games






The visuals are okay (yes you see the CGI but it's not a problem in a funny movie based on comics) but almost everything else... The humor is worse than in the first one, the movie is just too long, the cameo-filled last ten minutes seem to be shot only for the end credits (they just don't make sense in the movie) but somebody must have thought they are funny enough for the movie - they are not. There are strange parts meant to be funny (e.g. the laser sword you could see in the advertisements - if they had to include a star wars joke again then why not make it at least a bit funny?), even the time between intended (forced and overplayed) gags is too long. Alain Delon is moderately funny as Caesar but his part is also overplayed, overly long. The new actor playing Asterix is a, as high as Obelix... b, never as funny/witty-looking as Christian Clavier. So what could go wrong did go wrong with this movie; maybe children will enjoy it but probably it will be too long for them as well.

Ma No Toki (1985)

Quite rare Japanese film about mother-son incest.

This is not one of those cheap Japanese sex/incest films. It's a drama that has some good production values. It's more like "La Luna" in Japan...
Dvd-rip, in Japanese WITHOUT SUBTITLES. But you can follow what's going on and I'm adding a detailed summary of the story here.
The film features the beautiful Iwashita Shima as Mizuo Ryoko, the ultimate MILF who enters into a taboo relationship with her own son, Fukashi (Sakagami Shinobu). Fukashi is an earnest and serious high school graduate who had fled his affluent family in Tokyo to live in a small coastal town in the far North, living a humble and carefree life as clerk at a fish market at the harbor. Fukashi's estranged mother, after months of searching finally tracks him down and tries to reconnect with him. She rents a small apartment overlooking the market and frequently visits Fukashi as he sells fish to the local merchants and town folk. As the story unfolds, we slowly learn (in flashback) about the dark details of Fukashi and his mother's past. A couple years earlier Fukashi had been studying for the entrance exams for the prestigious Todai (Tokyo University), however in typical youthful rebellion, Fukashi had strayed from his studies (getting involved with a youth biker gang) and developing apathetic outlook on life. His mother Ryoko (the wife of an elite businessman) is devasted by his changing attitude. She is already suffering stress as her relationship with Fukashi's father (the always reliable Koyama Shigeru) has cooled and they have become distant. The two wounded and needy souls soon find themselves entering into a taboo relationship. Despite their precautions, they are soon caught after one of their many sexual encounters and Ryoko ends her relationship with Fukashi. Ashamed and hurt, Fukashi flees Tokyo in the hopes of reevaluating his life. Falling in love with another girl (a former gang member), Fukashi hopes to begin a new life but with the return of his mother, can he?

Roy Stuart's Glimpse vol 2

A widespread taste for pornography means that nature is alerting us to some threat of extinction. –J. G. Ballard

I beg to differ. The more people watching porn at home and not out impregnating unsuspecting young chicks, the better. It helps earth's overpopulation problem. -- Croaker

Masturbation is not to be confused with masterbation which is rubbing something masterfully. -- Uncyclopedia

Official Site

Here is vol 2 of Roy Stuart's Glimpse series. Quality is not the best but considering how hard it is to get those, I guess we must be content with what we have. Video is interlaced so you best use VLC to play and set it to de-interlace mode. All credits go to the original ripper.

Have a nice weekend everyone!! I am out having fun and trying to get innocent young women to drop out of college due to unexpected pregnancy now.

Review by Dian Hanson
LEG SHOW magazine

GLIMPSE, Volume 2 is Roy's greatest yet. Readers sometimes write asking 'Will this tape be different from my previous GLIMPSE tape ?' They mean will it have different girls, different scenarios, which of course it does, but the differences go far deeper. Every volume of GLIMPSE represents a new approach to human sexuality. Roy is constantly evolving, refining his theory and technique. With every photo shoot he sets himself new challenges, new approaches to light, new limits for his performers -- for they are surely more than models -- to push back. As every photo shoot becomes a mini-movie with plot, subtext and complex character development, the accompanying video segments grow richer. Perhaps most exciting with the new GLIMPSE video is that almost every layout from the last year of LEGSHOW is represented. Fascinating Tommi, the young boy who transforms to a ravishing girl before your eyes, starred in August's "Worm To Butterfly". Cruel, voluptuous Marissa from January's "Two Dog Night" carries the competition of her two well hung slaves far further on tape.Elizabeth from November reveals her astonishing perfection, and Anna, Roy's own special collaborator, masturbates to a gushing, shocking climax you won't doubt, or forget.

With every new volume The GLIMPSE Tape presents more beautiful young faces, bodies and spirits. It's easy to imagine some of these tender lips are accepting their first cocks, as their eyes dart around seeking what? Direction ? Approval ? Just permission, perhaps, to do what they really want. This is real sex, real passion, real fulfillment, all photographed in state of the art video with the feel of classic film. There are those, in fact, urging Roy to make a feature film for theatrical release. This one will make you believe he can do it. Oh, and the soundtrack's pretty cool too."

Download the clip (200 MB links): (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5) (part 6)

File : 1.16 GB, duration: 2:17:01, type: AVI, 1 audio stream
Video : 1.04 GB, 1095 Kbps, 29.970 fps, 720*480 (4:3), XVID
Audio : 125 MB, 128 Kbps, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, MP3, VBR,

Roy Stuart's Glimpse vol 3

Official Site

It's Friday!! So here is Roy Stuart's Glimpse Vol 3, have a nice weekend, guys and gals!!

Again, this rip is interlaced so I'd recommend playing it with VLC. In VLC, do this: Video->Deinterlace->Blend or Bob.

Review of Glimpse 3
by Victor Westman

'Tenderness', to the astonishment of High Court judges and some others, was D.H. Lawrence's working title for what became 'Lady Chatterley's Lover'. Lawrence perceived a 'taboo on tenderness' in his time, and it's apparent that the West has nowhere near cracked that taboo even today, eight patchily 'liberated' decades later. Enter Roy Stuart with Glimpse 3, the third in his richly packed series of probingly erotic videos. Whilst every sizeable episode in no's 1 and 2 has, for the alert, its quotient or infusion of tenderness, only a minority of Stuart's viewers/voyeurs may spot it amid the intense provocation – of mind as much as groin -- of the so-much that can be found going on in them.

The first six minutes of Glimpse 3 give flashing hints of the kind of whirling whole we've already had to thank Roy Stuart for, albeit there happen to be no male-female conjunctions shown (fear not, we shall encounter them aplenty, since there's some 140 minutes on this disc). But the accomplished Anna Bielska, who can look any age from 13 to 23, is there dancing, now clothed now naked, in parks and alleys of Rome. Then a sternly entrancing brunette, legs wide-spread on a gilt chair, holds knickers (whose?) aloft; soon she will be near-naked on the carpet, beginning a magical self-caressing journey. As will a sister in pleasure-exploration, a blonde, still in her black jersey-top, this time with the aid of a formidably elongated vibrator. Which will help her achieve, mid-orgasm, an unmistakably satisfying release of urine. Those of us who respond with amiable but not particularly stirred interest, mild curiosity, to such golden-shower water-sports – they're among Stuart's specialties – should not on that account miss, nor minimize, the little human triumphs, the evident joyousness, brought by release from some old inhibition.

But Roy Stuart's interest, missionary in intensity, is always centred in the celebration and release of woman's desire and her deep wellsprings of potential pleasure, which we witness her being encouraged to tap sometimes via ingenuities of polymorph-perversity, othertimes with startlingly direct urgency and need. As complementary, he rightly perceives men's uniquely satisfying role as (occasional) ministers to that pleasure.

As before, some sequences are sound-tracked, some not: we might long always to hear those delectably varied gasps, sighs, and rare exclamations, but withholding them on occasion helps retain the edginess of the whole. And Roy Stuart's music grows on one, now underscoring justified excitement, now yielding piquant contrast as, say, gavotte accompanies raunch. To close GL3's start, after more plump crotches, sunlit sea, placid river, the next two minutes, falling leisurely, take us back to the Eternal City. In which a barefoot short-skirted brunette simply buys water from a stall, sits on high sunlit steps, critically examines her feet, showing to advantage good legs and nicely-swelled panties… (By the way, all Glimpse women are, cosmetics sometimes apart, celebratedly natural) However, none of this lead-in prepares us, unless by artful contrast, for the miniature masterpiece that comes next. It deserves its own title-page, but instead we are suddenly embarked.

on the most sustained single episode in the series so far. This is a surely unmistakable essay in tenderness at its most taboo: a lyrically earthy showing of how the sensual education of a pair of blossoming school-girls might be furthered, at a self-revealed moment of maturation – they're comparing breasts, looking up the encyclopaedia -- via the helping hands (yes, literally) of a briefly stern yet complicitly understanding matron. That should, alas, in the world we call real, sound transgressive, subversive -- and, girl oh girl, it is both! The lesson we see being delivered belongs in Stuart's curriculum for, shall we say, Utopia High.

These 25 absorbing minutes are so integrated that they feel almost like a single 'take'. As well as in the camerawork, there's nice judgement shown both in the almost total absence of music – just a few delicate chords once or twice – and in Stuart's unusual holding off, until the episode's closing moments, from reminding us of the surrounding studio setting.

Anna Bielska is partnered here by Tommi, the engaging tomboy-girl waif already encountered by readers in 'The Big Surprise', in Roy's Volume II. Both, protean, can shed years, draw themselves back into the days of giggling awkwardness which the start of this scene demands; both can, and do, gain years during it, via that recognizable gravity of first-enacted desire. Their profiles, just before the close, are glimpsed almost Madonna-like: not accidentally, one surmises. The 'matron' has become their angelic accomplice."

Download: (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5) (part 6) (part 7)

File : 1.36 GB, duration: 2:18:14, type: AVI, 1 audio stream
Video : 1.24 GB, 1286 Kbps, 29.970 fps, 720*480 (4:3), XVID
Audio : 126 MB, 128 Kbps, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, MP3, VBR