Saturday, February 13, 2010

Roy Stuart's Glimpse vol 1

Recently, many cities have been experiencing severe water shortages. This is likely because of a severe lack of masturbation that has caused much water that people drink to no longer be circulated back into the atmosphere. You can help with this crisis by masturbating more. Think: when was the last time you masturbated? How much semen is, at this very moment, sloshing around inside your body when it could be quenching the thirst of dehydrated African children? That water inside you could be raining on Georgia right now. Masturbation stops droughts! -- Read more at Uncyclopedia

The female technique for masturbation consists of a woman taking off her panties, then realizing she doesn't need to masturbate and either finding a male to do it for her, or watching Oprah. Also, scientists and their studies agree that when Oprah refers to her scumbag vagina as vajayjay, it completely dissipates any and all sexual urges the female viewer had at that moment, furthermore making sure females keep their hands away from the naughty bits and on the penises of their male counterpart. -- Uncyclopedia

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When is porn not porn? Good question!! When porn is done by Roy Stuart, it still is porn. But it is better porn than your usual porn. For one thing, the lighting and cinematography is much much better. Also, and most importantly, those lovely women all have homegrown boobs and look pretty in a girl-next-door way. They masturbate and suck cocks for real and have real orgasm. So, to sum it up: Roy Stuart's Glimpse videos is like amateur porn done with style and realness. Go ahead and read the description below while you download, it will get your saliva flowing freely like the golden nectar from that pretty chiquita's vagina.

From Roy Stuart's site:

The New Glimpse Video is an exquisitely photographed experimental film with an eclectic sound track. It has been filmed and mastered using digital video equipment for superior image and sound quality. There are more than 30 women in over 40 separate scenes. The women are very real, right down to their abundant bushes, wet red pussies and lovely natural breasts, without being the tired housewives we've come to associate with American all-natural sex tapes. The women on this tape are truly beautiful, many European fashion models, often quite young, and yet they're engaging in acts usually reserved for the coarsest old pros. This being a Roy Stuart production, the golden nectar flows freely, but our young beauties also masturbate to orgasm—real orgasm—which you will never see in an American tape, and fuck with genuine passion. Amy, the 6' fashion model, does a compelling turn with a vibrator in which you can see her pussy rhythmically contracting, spilling out juice, as she cums. Megan, the perfect 18 year old , is sold at a slave auction and enjoyed by two men and a woman. Anna, is a constant through the tape, dancing, dominating, seducing us with her haughty, demanding gaze.
And wait 'til you see that dirty new wave college girl in the tattoo parlor. Yes, Roy knows how to make it real, make it passionate, and yet, unbelievably, make it art. This is sure to become a valuable collectable as well as one heck of a hot tape.


All thanks go to the original ripper/uploader.

File : 862 MB, duration: 1:50:30, type: AVI, 1 audio stream
Video : 583 MB, 738 Kbps, 31.0 fps, 488*360 (4:3), Divx v5,
Audio : 278 MB, 352 Kbps, 22050 Hz, 1 channels, PCM, CBR, ,

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