Saturday, February 13, 2010

Asfour Stah (1990) Tunisian women unveiled

Also known as "Halfaouine: Child of the Terraces." From IMDb:

A coming-of-age comedy/drama set in Tunisia. Twelve-year-old Noura (
Selim Boughedir) is an impressionable boy who must learn to reconcile two conflicting worlds--the loving world of Moslem women and the vastly different, harsher world of men--while also dealing with his own budding sexuality.

AVI format from a DVD source. 95:46 m. 1.14 G. Arabic dialogue with separate subtitles in English and Spanish. Enjoy!

--Sensitive Stephen


"Halfaouine, Boy of the Terraces" is a charming coming-of-age film from Tunisia that takes a rare look at the inner workings of Arabic culture -- the stone- walled streets, alleys, rooftops and households of everyday Tunisia, where traditions seem little interrupted by the modern world.
One of the delights of life for the Muslim women is to go to a bathhouse, and the mother takes Noura with her. Little does she know his eyes grow wider as he gapes at the bare breasts through the teasing veils of bath mist. He is soon overtaken by a sense of eroticism he can't quite understand.

-- Read the complete review at SFGate

I would like to say thanks to courageous filmmaker Férid Boughedir for this movie. I live in Montreal, Canada, a wonderful multicultural city. Many a time I have look at Muslim women and wondered at what lies beneath all those veils. Now I know Muslim women also have delightful tits. Color me enlightened.

Watching this movie's got to be one of the most erectionally frustrating moments of my life. There are some powerful cock-teasing scenes here that really drives my little head crazy.
For example, when our young hero tries to open a sleeping girl's gown to get a look at those sweet forbidden fruits, my heart was pounding like crazy and it took all my self-control not to forward to the next scene to see if he succeeds. And then just when those hidden wonders are about to be revealed to my expecting eyes, the girl smiles knowingly in her pretend sleep and turns sideways. Fuck a duck and deep-throat a goat!

There are many erotic scenes like this that will give a whole new meaning to "sexual suspense". For me anyway, 'cause I was dying to look at some pretty Arabic tits :D

Eventually though, we hit pay dirt when the aforementioned beautiful girl opens her wet blouse and...HOLY COW!! It is a brief but incredibly sweet moment. We get more wonderfully frustrating glimpses like this throughout the movie.

In the end, all is well that ends well for our intrepid hero. He gets to get into bed with the girl and we get to see a fade-to-black scene. Screw a kangaroo, 69 a porcupine, fingerbang an orangutang, I have a priapism I can't get an orgasm.

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