Saturday, February 13, 2010

Giulia (1999) - Roy Stuart

Giulia (1999) - Roy Stuart

Dancing is only one of Giulia's ambitions. Rebelling against her religious-wacko sister Christine and their religious-wacko mom (Tina Aumont, who still looks gorgeous at the age of 50), Giulia aspires to be an actress. I so much admire kids who can talk back to their parents when they need to. She goes to an audition but discovers nothing more than a casting couch. After a few minutes of playing along, she scrams, but promises her casting director anything he wants the next night.

Tinto Brass is the producer of this wonderful movie. Unfortunately it looks like this edition is castrated to fit into Mainstream-TV.

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English subtitle Included.

Anna Biella: un-censored scenes from Giulia (1999)
These scenes were censored in Tinto Brass' version.

Rapidshare, avi file, 70 MB

Rapidshare, avi file, 60 MB

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