Monday, August 31, 2009

Total Eclipse - 1995 - DVDRip

1995 | DVD Rip | English | 111 min. | 720 x 416 | XviD | 25 fps | 2×700 MB |
VIDEO 1375 kbit | AC3 448kbps 48kHz | Genre: Biography | Drama | Romance
Directed by Agnieszka Holland | Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, David Thewlis
Rated R for strong sexuality and nudity, language, and some startling violence

In 1871, Paul Verlaine (1844-1896), an established poet, invites boy genius Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891) to live with Paul and his young pregnant wife, Mathiltde, in her father's home in Paris. Rimbaud's uncouth behavior disrupts the household as well as the insular society of French poets, but Verlaine finds the youth invigorating. Stewed in absinthe and resentment, Verlaine abuses Mathiltde; he and Rimbaud become lovers and abandon her. There are reconciliations and partings with Mathiltde and partings and reconciliations with Rimbaud, until an 1873 incident with a pistol sends one of them to prison. Codas dramatize the poets' final meeting and last illnesses.

This historical drama, directed by Agnieszka Holland, focuses on the rocky relationship between the renowned 19th century French poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine. Rimbaud (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a teenage wunderkind known for his rebelliousness against conventional society and his surrealistic writing. He disrupts the life of Verlaine (David Thewlis), a more conventional writer who is older and married to a dutiful young wife, Mathilde (Romane Bohringer). The drunken Verlaine is unkind to Mathilde, even though her father is providing him with a house and an income to live on while he pursues his writing. Rimbaud overwhelms Verlaine, mocking his conventionality, constantly disrupting his domestic life, and somehow attracting the maniacal love of the older man.

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Diary of a Nymphomaniac (2008) DVDRip.XviD-NoGrp

Size: 700 MB
Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 5.1/10 68 votes
Directed By: Christian Molina
Starring: Belén Fabra, Llum Barrera

Val is an attractive, well educated and well off 28 year old. Whats more shes very sexually liberated and constantly on the hunt for new encounters to satisfy her endless sexual curiosity and desire. She sleeps with whoever she wants, whenever she wants to, ending up making sex into a lifestyle; a lifestyle that leads her to find both love and a career in prostitution. In both she experiences the extreme.

Summer Lovers (1982)

Kind Of Film: Erotic
Film Name: Summer Lovers
Year: 1982
Country: -
Language: English
Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Run Time: 1:39:0

Emanuelle in the Country (1978) +18

Synopsis: Lovely Emmanuelle (Laura Gemser) enlists as a country nurse, and brings aid and succor to men in need of her delightful "services." Contains nudity and sexual situations.

Runtime: 01:16:20
Language: English
Country: Italy
Color: colour

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Torn - Summer Desire / 2001 / 717M / (18+)

Country: USA
Released Date: 2001
Language: English
Subtitiles: NA
Genre: Drama | Adults
Video Format | Size: DVDrip | 717M
Plot: Kate, played by Amanda is a writer with writer's block, and goes with boyfriend and two other couples to Florida to visit a friend living on the waterfront. One of the other two girls is having an affair with Kate's boyfriend.

Emanuelle On Taboo Island (1976) +18

boating accident leaves a young sailor beached on an uncharted, and apparently deserted island. To his intense delight, he soon discovers that a beautiful native girl inhabits the exotic isle. Starring the stunning Laura Gemser, star of numerous EMMANUELLE films. Contains nudity and sexual situations

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The Arena, by Steve Carver (1974)

he Arena, by Steve Carver (1974)
English |no subs | AVI | 720x 304| Xvid 800 kbps | MP3 128kbps | 1:34:00 | 700 MB
Genre: Historical | Exploitation

Two thousand years ago, the people of Rome are so blasée, so used to violence, that entertaining them becomes a political problem. Someone suggests, after a hectic girl fight in a kitchen between a Nubian and a Viking slave, as a joke, that they should fight in the arena, instead of male gladiators. The idea is approved, though - and a female "Spartacus" theme follows.

Kissed (1996) DVDRip

english subtitles

Over the years, a child's romantic idea about death transforms into an appetite for necrophilia and embalming. When she gets her dream job in a mortuary, she meets a man who is intrigued by her… Over the years, a child's romantic idea about death transforms into an appetite for necrophilia and embalming. When she gets her dream job in a mortuary, she meets a man who is intrigued by her 'flirtations' with death. Lynn Stopkewich's Canadian production was nominated for several awards on the 1997 festival circuit

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Nude on the Moon (1962)

A brilliant young rocket scientist (Lester Brown) and his professor (William Mayer) decide to build a spaceship and blast off to the moon. Donning idiotic, pajama-like space suits (that make them look like wacky superheroes), they land on the lunar surface and discover a nudist camp populated by shapely telepathic moon gals with antennae on their heads!

After first being rendered helpless by a moon doll's magic wand, the men are eventually allowed to wander about and witness the naked marvels of life in outer space. But, hey, doesn't the Queen of the Moon (Marietta) look just like the professor's secretary…

NUDE ON THE MOONS is a hilarious sci-fi nudie-cutie from the director Doris Wishman (billed here as "Anthony Brooks") and filmed at Coral Castle, an extremely oddball tourist attraction in Homestead, Florida.

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Il Fiore delle mille e una notte (Flower Of The Arabian Nights) (1974) - Pier Paolo Pasolini

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In this film inspired by the ancient erotic and mysterious tales of the Middle East, the main story concerns an innocent young man who comes to fall in love with a slave who selected him as her master. After his foolish error causes their separation, he travels in search of her. Various other travelers who recount their own tragic and romantic experiences include stories of a young man who becomes enraptured by a mysterious woman on his wedding day, and a man who is determined to free a woman from a demon.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

La Ragazzina (Monika) (1974) - Mario Imperoli

Making her feature film debut, B-movie starlet Gloria Guida plays the lead in this lighthearted rite-of-passage romp as Monika, a libidinously charged schoolgirl coming to terms with her blossoming sexuality and the attention it garners her. Released in 1974 at the height of the golden era for Italian exploitation cinema, this film marks the first partnership between frequent collaborators Guida, Gianluigi Chirizzi and director Mario Imperoli.

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English subs included.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Syskonsalt (2000) (TV) Swedish taboo

I dont have subtitles for this movie


The siblings Linus, 19-years-old, who are taking driving licence and Vanja, 17-years-old, who's still in school. Their mom Eva works night shift at a hotel. We get to follow them during one month. Linus and Vanja begin to realize that they are living in a universe of their own. And there is neither room for the mom or boy- and girlfriends. At first it is only the longing love in unspoken thoughts. But when thought gets into words they realize that they are each others perfect half. They are drawn closer to each other and finally can't resist the taboo temptation in each others bodies. At first they deny, lie and try to resist. It's about shame and guilt and forbidden feelings which leads to a point where everything is at stake.

Review by Viewer:
Yes, this is a movie that you either love or hate. I loved it, but my friends were sickened by it. It's a very strong love-story between Linus and Vanja, and as Vanja said it: "You are my perfect half and the mistake is that I was born as your sister". The lines are touching, and the actors are very good. The woman who wrote it was also very good, and I have a faint memory of this being her first movie.

But the incestuous theme disturbs many; the siblings loving each other, the mother wanting her son…If you can't watch such, then avoid this movie! But it sure is one of my favorites…

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