Monday, August 17, 2009

Mulher Objeto (1981) NO SUBTITLES

Regina (Helena Ramos) is a woman from a poor family and married with and former secretary of the wealthy Hélio (Nuno Leal Maia. Regina has a block with Hélio and can not have sex with him, in spite of fantasizing kinky sex with every man she meets. She goes to a shrink and while resolving her childhood trauma, Hélio has an affair with his secretary Lúcia (Wilma Dias) and leaves Regina. Later, they meet each other by chance, and the healed Regina finally satisfies Hélio.

This soft porn was very successful in the beginning of the 80's in Brazil and has eighteen non-explicit sex scenes, including bondage, threesome, lesbianism, rape, sodomy, fellatio and incest, and the nudity of the muse and queen of Boca do Lixo Helena Ramos, Kate Lyra, Maria Lúcia Dahl and Wilma Dias, all of them in the top of their beauty and shape. The shallow story is the motive for variations of perverted sex scenes, inclusive a joke with Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds", but with pigeons instead. This feature is a delight for fans of sexploitation with some of the sexiest Brazilian "actress" of the 80's

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