Sunday, August 16, 2009

Masakit Huwag Mong Ipilit (2001) NO SUBTITLES


Category Sex-Drama
Label Regal

Tagalog Movie

Almira, Cathy and Brian were childhood friends.
Almira who was well off helped her friends finish their studies and offered them jobs.
Almira and Brian got married.

She had an abortion without Brian's knowledge. Brian was so mad learning about the baby.
Almira was hospitalized after Brian confronted her and learned that she could not get pregnant again.
Brian turned to Cathy for comfort. She got pregnant with Brian's child. Cathy gives her child to Almira and Brian.
She was happy knowing that the couple would be happy and will love her baby as well.

Directed by Angelito J. de Guzman

* Rita Magdalena
* Hazel Espinosa
* Jeffrey Gonzales
* Razelle Angela
* Francis Enriquez
* Vic Santos

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