Sunday, July 5, 2009

Playa Prohibida 1985 Hardsub

Title: Forbidden Beach
Original name: Playa Prohibida
Year: 1985
Country: Mexico
Genre: drama
Duration: 80 min
Language: Spanish (english subtitles hard coded)
Directed by: Enrique Gomez Vadillo
Cast: Sasha Montenegro, Jose Alonso, Jamie Garza, Oscar Alejandro / Oscar Alejandro, Luis Mario Kuiros / Luis Mario Quiroz.
Description: When a new neighbor comes to greet, Miguel begins to be jealous of his mother. The two boys and their mother lost two years ago, the father / husband and the mother is ready to marry again, but the children feel that it is not in need of a new father. When the relationship of mother and Carlos start to develop, the eldest son decides that it is time to act ...
Plot: When a new neighbour stops by to say hello, Michel starts becoming jealous. The 2 boys and their mother lost their father/husband 2 years ago and the mother is ready to start dating again, but the kids feel that they don't need another man in the home. When the mother (Sasha Montenegro) starts developing feelings for Carlos (Jose Alonso), the eldest son decides to do something about it...
DVD-Rip. From itself: two months, the news was ready, but it was the hope that will find a DVD-Rip. This rip is relatively good. do not have very much improved. Here is how to screen or picture in the film. The language in which film, do not know, but the machine name translated from Spanish. Looks at one go.

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