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The Trap. La Gabbia. Released in German-speaking countries as Der Käfig.

The Trap. La Gabbia. Released in German-speaking countries as Der Käfig.

Daughter watches secretly through doorway and masturbates as mother not visible in the clip plays sex games with man tied to the bed. He seduced and and abandoned her when she was VERY young (shown in flashbacks). She is getting her revenge on him for abandoning her, using the techniques he used on her, only much more extreme.

First picture. Top left. The mother, played by Laura Antonelli. Second picture. Second picture. The set at top right. The mother as a young girl, played by Cristina marsillach, being subjected to dominance games. Third picture. The set underneath. The man trying to seduce the daughter, played by Bianca Marsillach. He seems to be doing well. That's what he thinks. He does not know that the daughter is even more perverted and more determined than her mother, and that she is going to take control. In the dominance games that are coming, SHE will be the mistress, and he will be her captive, and her mother's captive as well whenever the daughter lets her have a turn.


The Trap (La Gabbia).

Released in the USA as Dead Fright, though I can't imagine why. Released in some places as Collector's Item, but I'm not sure where. This is the title on my disk. Dubbed into English. Italy 1985. Starring Laura Antonelli who at the age of 44 has become mature and well-rounded (gropable, as we say here), and two Spanish sisters, Bianca Marsillach and Cristina Marsillach. Characters. Laura Antonelli as Marie Colbert; Cristina Marsillach as Marie at a much younger age; Bianca Marsillach as Marie's young daughter; Tony Musante as Michael, who seduced Marie when she was very young (very) and then vanished. A large part of the movie is in flashback. When Michael seduced Marie, he subjected her to BDSM games for a long while, leaving her addicted to them as the only way she can get sexual satisfaction. She remained obsessed with his memory. (I can't imagine why. She could have found lots better). When he reappears years later, he thinks he can start up again with sex with her and thinks he can do the same with her young virgin daughter as he did with her years ago. He does not realise she is sexually obsessed with him and also wants revenge. She captures him and ties him up, to a bed and in other ways. She subjects him to her revenge along with her obsessional desire to possess him. It is only by sadomasochistic games that she can reach sexual satisfaction, but now she is the mistress and he is subject to her. Her daughter has the same personality as her. The daughter wants Michael for herself. She practises BDSM games on him that she has learnt by watching her mother but which come naturally to her anyway. According to the figures on IMDb, Cristina (playing the young Marie) was aged 21 at the time and Bianca (playing her daughter) was aged 19. Doubt is cast on the ages by one reviewer. I agree. I think you could take two years off these ages. The characters look younger than that, by another few years. Furthermore, the young Marie in the flashbacks looks even younger than her daughter. The calculations in the second rview quoted below are on the righ track. What the reviewer did not realise is that what he worked out is close to the correct figure. I think the ages on IMDb were re-invented in recent years by the producers of the DVD so that the DVD could be released. Compare the age of the hero of L'Iniziazione currently quoted on IMDb as 18, and the age quoted on the original videocassette, three years less than that. I have seen numerous other instances of the changing of dates and ages.

Condensed from one review on IMDb.

Elegant, erotic, an eerily intelligent study of passion thwarted and love betrayed. The rage of his discarded mistress (Laura Antonelli) strikes us as wholly justified, albeit extreme. Predictably enough, it is the exquisite Antonelli who dominates this film. No longer in her first youth, she has visibly gained weight since her classic roles in the 70s (Malizia, The Divine Nymph, The Innocent) but her psychosis is subtle and stylish. Few actresses of 45 would dare to risk a masturbation-in-black-lace-undies scene, as she does here. Fewer still could emerge from it with their dignity so wondrously intact. In its hothouse eroticism and perverse visual beauty, it is visibly the work of its director, the shamefully underrated Giuseppe Patroni Griffi. The more sordid the emotions on display, the more lushly decorative his films become.

From one reviewer on IMDb.

As another reviewer mentioned this movie is bound to be dismissed as a "Fatal Attraction" rip-off, even though it was made two years earlier and is a lot better, and certainly a lot more sexy, than that reactionary piece of Hollywood crap. After seeing his girlfriend (Florinda Bolkan) and her son off for the Christmas holidays, an obnoxious lothario (Tony Musante) realizes that his girlfriend's landlady was a girl who he knew fifteen years earlier and had seduced and abandoned after taking her virginity. He introduces himself again to the women, hoping to score some cheap sex while his girlfriend is away. Since the now middle-aged woman is played by Italian sex diva Laura Antonelli he's certainly not disappointed. He doesn't realize, however, that the woman has become obsessed with him (god knows why), and he soon finds himself tied to a bed and at the mercy of the deranged woman and her "very curious" teenage daughter (Blanca Marsillach).

Laura Antonelli is very sexy in this movie although curiously she never really takes her clothes off (even during a masturbation scene). She still looks great; this was about the same time she appeared in the naked sex romp "The Venetian Lady" with a much younger man (Sean Connery's son Jason). Antonelli was always reputedly kind of snooty actress, so maybe she considered this role beneath her, but she certainly didn't hold back in any other way. Florinda Bolkan's role, on the other hand, is kind of phoned-in, sometimes literally (she spends a lot of time on the phone with her boyfriend's secretary, inquiring about his whereabouts). A lot of the sex appeal though is provided by the sexy Spanish Marsillach sisters. Blanca is muy caliente in a role eerily similar to the one she played in Lucio Fulci's last decent movie "The Devil's Honey" where she also took "revenge" on a poor middle-aged man by making him her sex slave (although if you do the math her character here would have to be less than fifteen years old!). Cristina Marsillach plays the younger version of Antonelli and has a ridiculously gratuitous full-frontal bondage scene that should really appeal to all her male fans from Dario Argento's "Opera".

There are other absurdities to this movie besides the Blanca Marsillach's age and Cristina Marsillach's B-and-D style de-virginizing. The biggest one is why any of these gorgeous women would be psychotically obsessed over the likes of Tony Musante. But I guess it's supposed to be kind of a masochistic male sex fantasy. And it certainly succeeds on that level (even if no one will exactly confuse it with Italian neo-realism).

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