Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Adobe Photoshop CS3

Adobe Photoshop CS3 - Full Version - 50 MB Only!

This is the full adobe photoshop cs3 in a 50mb package...

It is not portable!!! It is the full version

To install you simply extract the rar to C:/Program Files/Adobe Photoshop

And then create a shortcut to photoshop.exe inside that folder and put it in your desktop

This version of photoshop has all the features working and in perfect order...

It is amazing and it is what I use for all my editing

It is only 50mb so please download as free user

If your screen just flashes when you run the exe you must right click and press RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR


NOTE: Please DONOT complain if you're using crap antivirus. Some Antivirus detects it as virus since it has been **ULTRA COMPRESSED**. But The file is totally CLEAN. I have shown the working Live Proof in the Screenshot.

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