Friday, March 5, 2010

Suburban Secrets (18 ) 2004

Suburban Secrets

Isadora Edison is coming home to suburbia. Her old boyfriend Nelson is banging every girl he can get his hands on. Now he’s shacking up with Isadora’s Aunt Cynthia, (Tina Tyler). This makes Nelson’s sister Judith rage with jealousy as she wants his lips all for herself. Isadora also wants a piece of the Nelson action and drags him into bed as soon as she lays eyes on him. This all leads to a domino effect through town as the whole city hops in the sack with each other. Whether the sex partners are related to each other is not a concern. It’s actually a turn-on for them if they are.

The filmmaking technique used during the sex scenes is what really makes “Suburban Secrets†stand out from the rest of the softcore flicks out there. Their technique was that there was no technique. Every sex scene is shot the same way: Turn on the camera and let them go at it. Genius! No more dive-bombing on the sex or editing it so fast you have no idea what is going on. There are plenty of long takes as the viewer becomes the ultimate voyeur and stares straight out at the couples. There’s also no music used during the sex scenes which adds to the fun so you can take in all of the sights and sounds.

Laura is a young, voloptuous nude model living life large in New York City. The discovery that an ex-lover, Nelson, is having an affair with her aunt Cynthia becomes the perfect alibi that sends Laura back to her suburban hometown to stir up the status quo. Laura's return and her known penchant for sexual experimentation ignite the passions and thinly concealed jealousies that smolder amongst her family members, friends and associates.
A quadrangle of unhibited lust and taboo desires made flesh quickly develops between Laura, Nelson, Cynthia and Nelson's sister, Judith - a high powered lawyer with an unwholesome hold on her brother. Despite the threat of a tell-all story detaling the town's sordid sex scandal, what goes behind closed doors will be more shocking than ever.

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