Tuesday, March 30, 2010

La Chasse

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Information a film
Original Title:
La Chasse
Categories: Euro , Feature , International
Directed by: Tony Del Dudmo
Starring: Jessica Fiorentino, Tera Bond, Claudia Rossi, Tony Carrera,
Marco Nero, Priscilla Salerno, Horst Baron, Oksana, Baby Marilyn,
Robert Lion, Omar Gallanti

Description: Cheating husbands decide to play tricks on their wives;
they say they're simply going hunting, while in fact, they're participating in
a sort of "Hide, Seek, and blah blah" game with beautiful young girls from the
neighborhood... The wife of one of the "hunters", aware of the situation,
turns herself into "Prey" and joins the party... Be careful hunter, your next
prey might as well be your Not So Ignorant Wife!..


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