Tuesday, March 30, 2010

LA PROF DI ANATOMIA -talian boarding-school

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Information a film
Original Title:
Data: 2004
Categories: Group sex, Oral, Anal, Uniforms
Directed by: Marcus Dolly
Starring: Sexy Luna, Antonella Del Lago, Sandra Russo, Stephany Webb,
Sandra Key, Daniela, Sabrina Black, Julia, Sandy Style, Remigio Zampa, Franco Trentalance,
Denis Marti, Francesco Malcom, Luca Bazooka, Gabriel Montoia, Henry Sequoia, Carlos Manzon, Silvio Evangelista

Description: An Italian boarding-school, at first glance everyone is demure and well-behaved, but when sexual
urges strike the whole place goes wild. In the girls' dormitory curiosity wins out and the girls start to fondle and
get each other undressed. Sometimes the boys join them. That's when things really get wild and there's even sex in the bum.
But the girls and boys don't only reconnoitre among themselves, miss teacher is black-mailed into sex and the gym-teacher
and the head-master can't keep their hard-ons to themselves. Well, one isn't surrounded by such dishy teachers or students every day, is one ...


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