Friday, December 4, 2009

East End Hustle (1976)
I saw this on Canadian Pay TV and was surprised by the heavy quotient of violence, given how it was sometimes shown early in the morning. The story is about a prostitute and some of her pals who decide to rebel against their pimp who naturally doesn't take it too well and this leads to an underworld war. In addition to some heavy violence, there is some pretty strong nudity and sex in the film and not so much the erotic type but the cheap, sleazy, peephole type. The film does indeed have a gritty, anything goes, street-quality to it but none of the actors show much talent and there isn't really anyone to root for. The film almost qualifies for an X-rating and seems like it was designed mainly for the porno house crowd, though even they may be turned off by the bad taste this film leaves behind.

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