Friday, December 25, 2009

Sex Roulette (1977) Brigitte Lahaie

France-west Germany
Donne in amore
Porno roulette à Monte Carlo
Porno roulette


* Anita Berenson
* Barbara Moose final orgy scene
* Brigitte Lahaie(?) brief cameo, final orgy scene
* Christine Baer
* Claude Janna in the pigsty orgy scene
* Erika Cool in final orgy scene
* Marlène Oury
* Michele Grubert hotel maid and dream sequence, non-sex
* Micky Love plays a dinner guest
* Nathalie Morin plays a masseuse
* Nicole Velna in final orgy scene
* Rachel Montand
* Samantha (Jacques Gateau's wife?)
* Siegried Cellier plays Alette (sounds like)
* Véronique Maugarski as Vanessa Mellvile, plays Veronique (Chamoiz' niece)
* and several others


* Robert Leray as Jean De Villroy, plays Lord de Chamoiz (Veronique's uncle)
* Désiré Bastareaud (the black midget) plays Balthasar
* Jacques Gatteau plays a photographer
* Carmelo Petix appears in the pigsty orgy scene
* Hubert Géral appears in final orgy scene
* Tony Morena plays a casino manager, in final orgy scene
* John Oury plays a croupier, in final orgy scene
* and several others

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