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Vibrations Sexuelles (1977)

Vibrations Sexuelles (1977)

Brigitte in her early brunette (natural) period. Pert little blonde Maude Carolle (the maid from Parties Fines) opens the movie. French audio only I'm afraid: briefly, it's the tale of an unfulfilled Alban Ceray consulting a shrink (brigitte) and ending up marrying her, the lucky stiff!

Tech Info:
Xvid AVI, 819 MB, 42m 22s
688×432 px, 2574 kbps, 25 fps
AC3 audio, 48 kHz, 128 kbps, 2-channel

Brigitte Lahaie
Catherine Castel [LezOnly]
Elysabeth Blin
Maude Carolle
Emmanuelle Riviere (as Myriam Wateau) [LezOnly]
Rachel Mhas
Alban Ceray
Director: Jean Rollin (as Michel Gentil)


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Vibrations sexuelles

A Great Classic French Porn..Vibrations sexuelles 1976 With One of, If Not The Greatest French Classic Porn Queen's
Brigitte Lahaie ... Here are Some Pics For you and A link to about 100 or so Pics Of Ms. Lahaie.............. No Pass
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Torrent Upped by noricus Another Excellent Job, Thank You Sir

Vibrations sexuelles (Brigitte Lahaie) 1976 [HQ-Rip]

Director: Jean Rollin as Michel Gentil

Alternate Titles
Sensual Vibrations
Vibrations sensuelles an incorrect title as the credit sequence clearly says 'sexuelles' - and this in the Italian version
Vibrazione sessuale 1977
Vibrazioni 1977

Brigitte Lahaie
Catherine Castel
Elysabeth Blin
Emmanuelle Rivière uncredited
Maude Carolle
Miriam Wateau ??
Rachel Mhas
Alban Ceray

Emmanuelle Rivière, credited either as Myriam Wateau or Elisabeth Blin, is the brunette in first scene.
Alban watches Maude Carolle and Emmanuelle Rivière then has sex with Maude Carolle.
Catherine Castel, Rachel Mhas and a dusky brunette (XNK0431) have a foursome with Alban.
Brigitte Lahaie seems to be Alban's psychiatrist or similar, but they end up having sex and marrying.

Notes noricus
A different version was uploaded by the pirate66 back in Oct last year
This here has original french audio, a higher resolution and much better pic quality
But it is about 30 min shorter
I compared the two version and think there is not so much missing:
the sex scenes are slightly shortened (except for the last one), an underwater scene and some dialogues are left out...not my rip, credits to nowind

high quality
Run Time 42:23 min
Size 435.55 MB (456,710,144 bytes)
Resolution 720 x 576 px
1299 kbps
25.000 fps
Divx 6
0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3
128 kb/s tot , Stereo

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