Friday, December 25, 2009

Suprêmes jouissances (1977) Brigitte Lahaie

Belles d'un soir (France)
Exquisite Pleasure (International: English title)
Garçonnière, La (France)
Jouissances (France)
Supreme Delights (International: English title)
Piaceri Folli (italian title)

Dir: Claude Mulot
Cast: Martine Grimaud, Brigitte Lahaie, Véronique
Maugarski, Gilles Karl, Louison Boutin
Approx: 77 Minutes
Alpha France DVD

Three young women leave their chauvinist boyfriends, set up their own living situation, a luxurious apartment, and revel in their sexual freedom.

The actresses are fresh and sensual.
The director, Claude Mulot, doesn't lack an artistic sensibility, and the sensual 70's disco soundtrack makes it even better.

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