Tuesday, June 16, 2009

L'ultima donna aka The Last Woman (1976)

[Huh? Oh my God, my papa is an idiot. He's sucking milk at the wrong place!!]


Finally found a good rip of this film. It's a satellite rip but quality is pretty good, considering no dvd exists presently.

Even though this is is not a horror movie, it's got a scene that scares me more than any so-called horror flicks I have ever seen. After seeing Gérard Depardieu cut his penis off in a particularly realistic and gory scene, I sorta lost appetite for an entire day. This is the reason I stopped watching psychological drama. I just got fed up of bugfuck crazy characters in cinema. There is enough depressing shit in everyday life already. If I really wanna feel down, all I need to do is check my bank account :D

That said, we have some really good nudity from Ornella Muti, including a full-frontal and some close-up shots of her boobs.

Note: I didn't include the scene where Depardieu cut his dick off, seeing as it is not exactly of an arousing nature.

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