Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Rowdy Girls

"This is not going to win an Oscar, we all know that. However, as a B-movie, I do find it quite watchable. At least it has a plot and I like the fact that the makers of this film don't take itself so seriously and sometimes even make fun of the story or characters themselves (e.g. they have this cowboy singing in front of the camera time by time to tell the storyline). That makes the film more fun to watch. Some people might find the nudity not explicit enough, especially because of the names like Shannon Tweed or Julie Strain are featured in this film. Since Shannon Tweed co-produced this film herself, I believe this is how they intended to make the film: not making a softporn flick full of nonsense sex scenes but a comedy with a bit nudity instead. The acting in general is better as compared to other B-movies. I like Richie Varga who played the Sheriff's brother in the movie. He is such a hunk but is very adorable as well. He deserves to have more film roles in the future. " d3494375ce018c8114394287

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