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The Sexual Story of O with english subtitles (1984)

Historia sexual de O (1984) /The Sexual Story of O with english subtitles

The young and lovely American girl Odile (Alicia Principe) is enjoying her vacation at her hotel room in Spain, where clothes are apparently a rare option. Odile enjoys being naked, and God bless her, whether she's dancing around the room in the buff, or sitting and reading her Norman Mailer book sans clothing. The strange Spanish couple in the room across from Odile's has been spying on her, and soon invite the girl to join them in some good old fashioned threesome action. Pardon moi; I should say "ménage-a-trois" since this is a highbrow skin flick we're dealing with here. There are beautiful shots of red roses and bees and ocean waves along with the abundance of naked female flesh. There is also the obligatory humping, rubbing and moaning in that safe-but-naughty European softcore style.

Everything seems fine enough at first with the Spanish couple gaining the innocent Odile's trust and showing the girl the joys of sexual exploration. Things turn rather sinister though, when they take her to the home of another couple that has demented plans for Odile, which will take the story to a very sadistic and ultimately tragic conclusion. This is where the movie seems to be a precursor to HOSTEL in some ways, with the DVD box proclaiming "…one of the most bizarre climaxes in EuroCult history".

One thing I'll say about the movie (originally released in 1984), and that it's pretty to look at. I'm not just talking about the female nudity, and there's plenty of that, but there's a lush style to the whole movie that's impressive considering the films budget ("Two cents" according to director Jess Franco in the interview included on the DVD). The story does take its time to get going though, and the sex scenes are rather dull to be frank, going on much longer than needed. The climax, which includes bondage, chains and a vicious beating might had been shocking for its time, but is quite tame by today's standards. I kind of hoped for more of the kinky fun of Franco's ILSA THE WICKED WARDEN, but was left with a film that looks beautiful and has some gorg

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