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Sirens (1994) XviD DVDrip Uncut

Sirens (1994) XviD DVDrip Uncut

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Sirens 1994 DVDRip Xvid


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Excerpt from review by Roger Ebert:
Named Norman Lindsay, the film's hero is played by Sam Neill as a notorious painter who lives on an estate in Australia where his art coexists side-by-side with an experiment in living. His free-wheeling lifestyle has attracted not only a extraordinarily open-minded wife, but also a group of models for whom clothing is often optional. They share his permissive views on sensuality.

Since one of the models is played by Elle MacPherson, the Sports Illustrated centerfold, and since Ms. MacPherson is featured in the advertising above the actual stars of the movie, you might understandably have the idea that "Sirens" is an exploitation film, or at least the sort of overwrought erotic melodrama Ken Russell became known for with "Women in Love" and "Listzomania." The movie does indeed feature much footage of MacPherson and her sister sirens in the nude, but it is smarter, more thoughtful and more good-tempered than you might expect.

Who is nude?
Australian siren Kate Fischer, British babe Tara Fitzgerald, Australian model Elle MacPherson (appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition three times), sensuous Candian actress Pamela Rabe and Australian blonde Portia de Rossi.

No sex but lots of great nudity. Can you resist those lovely sirens' call?

Abundance of tits ad pussies aside, this really is a good film and I strongly advise you to seek it out.

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