Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SCANDALO (Submission) 1976

SCANDALO (Submission)
Tagline:The more erotic it gets... the more beautiful it feels.

Director: Salvatore Samperi (Grazie zia)

Genre: Erotic
Country: Italy
Year: 1976

In this tragic drama, the neglected wife (Lisa Gastoni) of a purveyor of antique glass finds sexual fulfillment with a brutish shop clerk (Franco Nero), who swiftly establishes a master-slave relationship with her. The relationship is satisfying for both of them until he begins making demands that she bring her teenaged daughter in to him for similar treatment.




A bored housewife is seduced by a guy and quickly becomes addicked to him. Not able to control her lust, she becomes the willing subject of his games of sexual submission and humiliation (in one scene, he forces her to strip naked on a public street). Who can blame her, though? Most of us are slave to Lust, too, we just don't want to admit it.

Scandalo aka Submission is an obscure masterpiece of erotic cinema and also a great psychological drama.

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