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My Summer of Love 2004

My Summer of Love

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My Summer of Love (2004)

My Summer of Love (2004) is a British film written and directed by Pawel Pawlikowski. Based on a novel by Helen Cross, the film explores the relationship between two young women from different classes and backgrounds. Working class Mona (Press), whose once-hotheaded brother (Considine) became a born again Christian in prison, meets upper middle class Tamsin (Blunt) who suffers from a lack of love in her family. Filmed in West-Yorkshire, the film went on to win a BAFTA.

n Yorkshire, two girls meet for the first time when Tamsin (Emily Blunt), a manipulative, rich girl suffering from parental neglect, rides into a field on horseback and chances upon Mona (Natalie Press), a simple working-class girl, while the latter is resting in the grass. Opposites attract as the girls come from vastly different backgrounds and meet under very different circumstances - the former is from a posh, upper-middle-class family and is under suspension from boarding school for being a bad influence, while the latter, bored with her mundane life, comes from a dysfunctional family, her recently-released prisoner brother, Phil (Paddy Considine), being her only living family member. The new acquaintances set off together, one on horseback and the other on a sputtering scooter.

When Mona arrives home, she finds her brother, in the pub that was once run by their mother, removing all the alcohol from the pub. He has undergone an extreme religious transformation during his stint in prison and this is part of his preparation for a rally for Christian converts. Mona meets her lover that night, whereupon they have sex in his car, right before he breaks up with her. A disgusted Mona is then left alone in the parking lot. The next day, Mona arrives at Tamsin's in order to escape from the rally organised by her brother. The girls begin to bond as they spend the day drinking and smoking while talking about the problems they face in their lives. Their sharing brings to light several of Tamsin's family secrets, such as the fact that Tamsin's sister, Sadie, died due to anorexia, as well as her father's extramarital affair.

The next day, Tamsin takes Mona to the place where her father is cheating on her mother with his secretary. They smash a window of his car and run away, after which Mona agrees to spend the night in Tamsin's house, as Tamsin's parents are not at home. The next day begins with Tamsin purchasing an engine for Mona's scooter, after which they drive to a small river to swim. The girls share their first kiss while in the water, bikini-clad, resulting in the two girls having sex for the first time, later that night, in Tamsin's bed.

The next day, Phil finds the girls sunbathing, Tamsin topless. She does not cover herself and merely gazes at him as he invites the girls to his rally, in which he wants to erect a large cross on the hill next to their village. The girls go and join the born-again Christians on their way up the hill. Tamsin behaves as if immediately attracted to Phil during the course of the rally.

Later that day, Mona and Tamsin go to a dancehall where they behave intimately, disturbing the mostly older patrons and prompting the bouncer to kick them out. They then go back to the river where they first kissed and declare their eternal love to each other, solemnly swearing that they would kill each other if one should leave the other.

In the morning, Tamsin wakes by the river with a cold, and the girls leave to breakfast at Tamsin's house. Phil then arrives at Tamsin's house searching for Mona, whereupon Tamsin pretends to seduce him. He reacts and attempts to kiss her, but she laughs him off insultingly, sparking his fury and violence, as he grabs Tamsin by the neck in a fit of anger. He proceeds to forcibly ground Mona, forbidding her to see Tamsin. Mona refuses to give in to his demands, and something in Phil snaps when he finally comes to see the loyalty Mona has towards Tamsin. He then kicks the born-again Christians out of the former pub, while Mona leaves the pub determined to start a new life with Tamsin.

However, she arrives at Tamsin's and discovers that Tamsin is to return to boarding school. Mona also belatedly uncovers Tamsin's deception - Tamsin's sister, Sadie, had never died or suffered from anorexia, as this was just a lie fed to Mona as part of Tamsin's idea of summer fun. Mona, feeling disgusted and dejected by the fact that she's been used as summer theatrics, leaves for the girls' special spot at the river.

Tamsin finds her there and tells Mona that it should have been clear from the start that their relationship was doomed. They then slip into the water fully clothed again, re-enacting the earlier kissing scene. Mona uses this opportunity to fulfill her earlier oath, attempting to kill Tamsin, but ultimately leaving her alive, going off, instead, on her own.

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My summer of love is a romance/drama about two teenage chicks in love with each other. It won 8 awards, got 19 nominations and also shows some brief glimpses of Emily Blunt's tits.

I first saw Emily Blunt in Wind Chill, a quietly effective horror movie that is a refreshing change from all the gore and gimmicks in recent so-called horror flicks. It's also one of the best ghost stories I have seen in recent years.

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