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Naked Betrayed & That Most Important Thing: Love (L'Important c'est d'aimer) (1975)

Naked Betrayed

lot Summary:
Naked and Betrayed (2004) is a whodunnit. Mandy Fisher and Tucker Caine are to be married at a plush resort, and arrive early with a few best friends, including the best man, Barrett Blade, the matron of honor, Julian Wells, and Frank Harper and his wife Gina Ryder, who are taking a short break from their political campaign. The guys hold a stag party with stripper August. Caine wakes up in the morning next to her corpse. Everyone initially assumes that he screwed and killed her, but we have many sexual pairings and twists and turns before sorting everything out.

August Avila ... Crystal
Robert Baldwin ... Detective
Barrett Blade ... Cory
Tucker Cain ... Jason
Mandy Fisher ... Claire
Frank Harper ... Michael
Gina Ryder ... Stephanie
Julian Wells ... Talisa

Directed By:
Woquini Adams

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That Most Important Thing: Love (L'Important c'est d'aimer) (1975)

Freelance photographer Servais (Fabio Testi) meets luckless Nadine Chevalier (Romy Schneider) an aging, world-weary, would-be movie star who thus far has only been able to find work in cheap exploitation movies. Trying to win her affection, Servais borrows the money from his underworld employers to launch a theatrical production of Richard III starring Nadine as Lady Anne. Though cold and skeptical at first, Nadine gradually falls in love with Servais, and eventually finds herself torn between him and her husband Jacques (Jacques Dutronc), to whom she feels morally obligated. Set in a world of losers and futile talents, this dark and moody drama depicts love as the only source of salvation. Memorable performances and skillful direction make this film a powerful experience

password vasakula

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